How do schools complete the Candidate Registration Upload Template spreadsheets?

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ISEB school customers can now access Candidate Registration Upload Template spreadsheets and submit registrations through the new online forms. 

Schools can access these easy-to-use templates and corresponding forms by logging into their ISEB School Account and navigating to the Examination & Qualification Registration section, found in the Schools Hub, and selecting the correct qualification registration area: CE or CASE. 

Please note, the examination registration areas are only accessible to schools logged-in to a verified ISEB School Account. If you are unable to navigate to these areas or can see a padlock, this indicates you are not logged-in and will need to do so before continuing. 

Once on the correct examination registration area you can download the Candidate Registration Upload Template spreadsheet. This will open in .Excel on your computer. 

Please note, there is a bespoke upload template for each examination and care should be taken to download the correct spreadsheet for the required qualification, such as CE at 11+, CE at 13+, or CASE. 

Once downloaded, open the spreadsheet and begin to populate it with candidate details. 

Candidate information required: 

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Full preferred name to be printed on the certificate*
  • Date of birth
  • Name of 'destination school' (CE 11+ and CE 13+)
  • Name of ‘marking school’, or 'internal marking’ (CE 11+ and CE 13+) 
  • Subject options

*Schools MUST populate the full preferred name field to ensure the correct full name is printed. 

Please ensure you enter candidate's names in sentence case i.e. James Smith. Names will be printed on certificates as entered into the upload spreadsheets, so please take care to use the correct spelling and capitalisation.

The spreadsheet includes drop-down features for the following categories:

  • Name of 'destination school'
  • Name of 'marking school' 
  • Subject options

Please note, to view the drop-down please click into the cell and the options will appear, scroll to select the correct school for each candidate.

Once all candidates have been entered and checked please save the spreadsheet as a .CSV (comma delimited) file by selecting the drop-down 'file type' when saving, see screenshot below. 

Please note: When saving the CE 13+ Candidate Registration Upload Template spreadsheet as a .CSV (comma delimited) file, you will get a pop-up message as shown below. Please click 'OK' to continue to save your .CSV file.

Once a school is satisfied the spreadsheet is fully populated with all candidates entered correctly, please save the document as a .CSV (comma delimited) and upload through the new online forms. 

To access these forms, log into your ISEB School Account and navigate to the Schools Hub - Examination & Qualification Registration Area and select the appropriate qualification. 

Completing these forms will only take a few minutes. Once a registration has been submitted, a record of candidate registrations will appear in the school's dashboard on the ISEB School Account. 

We recommend schools coordinate between all staff who may be required to submit candidates as only one spreadsheet can be submitted per school. The system has been designed in a way to disregard any previous uploaded spreadsheets in favour of the most recent upload and as such only one spreadsheet will be recorded for each school, per ISEB School Account. 

Please note, candidates can not be uploaded through the system if they have not selected a 'marking school' in the spreadsheet drop down, previously known as 'undecided'. Users are encouraged to upload once all candidates have confirmed their preferred senior school, alternatively, these candidates can be registered for 'internal marking' but this will need to be updated prior to the examination session closing date. 

Account users can easily update and reupload a new CSV at any time prior to the registration deadline, 1 March. For information on altering candidate details after this deadline take a look at our solution article: 

Can we change candidates' details after the closing date?

How to upload the Registration Spreadsheet?

Video Guide on Completing the Candidate Registration Upload Template - Spring 2024

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